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    Daren and Marta Berk

    We are Daren and Marta, and we love spending time at the lake!

    I am an engineer by trade, and founder of OwlCraft, a company that wisely uses beautiful wood to capture the natural raw beauty of the many clear water lakes found in the Pacific Northwest. As an avid boat owner, certified SCUBA diver, and total wake surf enthusiast, I find myself drawn to extreme fun, and also to the quiet rest that can only be found during 'a day at the lake'. So I took the plunge and dove completely into this unique niche of 'lake art' in order to explore and celebrate my love and appreciation for the stunning coves and glacially carved contours of my favorite lake places. At OwlCraft, I want to inspire you with framed lake art that brings the beauty of your favorite lake into your home, all year long.

    I'd love to hear your favorite 'lake' story, as you study my artwork and stir fond memories of places that you have been. Take a moment to look and shop, and allow yourself to explore the beauty of these sparkling blue lakes, as you drift along the shores of a favorite place.

    -Daren Berk